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Oksana Andersen is a professional portrait photographer in Florida, serving Ponte Vedra, South Jacksonville, St Augustine, St John's. She offers head shots, glamour, family portraits, newborn session sand engagements. Her photography style is fresh, clean and beautiful. 


Engagement and family photo sessions in St.Johns county. Oksana Andersen will capture wonderful images for engaged couples, families and individuals

Bridal Portraits in Charleston, SC

Oksana Andersen

South Carolina does not lack beautiful places. It's beaches are great, the live oak alleys are majestic, the downtown Charleston in the most charming with it's european looking buildings, cobblestone streets and magnificent churches. No wonder a lot of couples choose Charleston, SC as a destination for their wedding day.

You could not find a better place to have a bridal photo session. There are a few options that a bride to be should consider when planning her photo coverage with her photographer.

Bridal Portraits Before the Ceremony

1. You can have a “dress rehearsal” for your wedding and make sure your hair and makeup are exactly right, your dress fits perfectly, your shoes are comfortable and all your accessories coordinate.

2. Your prints, canvases or albums can be ready and available for display at your wedding or reception.

3. You and your photographer will have plenty of time to focus on YOU, not to mention that gorgeous dress. Think about how much time you spent searching and shopping for it. Now consider that it is, more than likely, the single most expensive item of clothing you will ever own. Don’t you think you deserve to show it off a little?!

1. Unless your hairstylist and makeup artist include a “trial run” in your wedding package, you have to pay to have your hair and makeup done twice.

2. While it’s unlikely that anything major would happen to it, you run the risk of getting your dress dirty, and therefore having to pay to have it dry-cleaned twice.

3. If your gown is custom-made, on order or undergoing major alterations, there’s a possibility it may not be ready in time for bridal portraits, which most photographers recommend taking at least 4-6 weeks before the wedding.

Bridal Portraits During the Ceremony

1. The Bride is ready, her makeup is gorgeous and her hair is done, the revenue is beautifully decorated and lit up, of course it is the best way to showcase the beauty of the bride and of her dress!


There is a lot going during the wedding day. If things are running late the bride feels rushed and stressed out and this is hard to relax and enjoy the portrait session. 

Day-After Sessions

1. Having "Day After" session will eliminate the problems that might occur during the wedding day. It make things more enjoyable and final result more beautiful. 

2. Day-after sessions are, to a greater or lesser degree, less formal than traditional bridal portraits, so you may choose to do your own hair and makeup, which saves money.

3. You don’t have to worry as much about damage to your dress.

4. Day-after sessions usually include the groom, and you can also include your children.

5. It’s really exciting to photograph a couple’s first day as husband and wife! Of course, "Day After" doesn't have to be the very next day after the ceremony. It could wait until after the couple is back from their honeymoon!

Which do you think you would prefer? Traditional bridal portraits or a day-after session?